Power Supply   PS-1208 EU, PS-1208 UK, PS-1208 AU
 PS-1208 EU Power Supply

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PS-1208 EU is a stand-alone wall type plug-in power supply that may be used to power one or two fiber optic transmission units   This power supply is CE certified and marked.

AC Input 220 VAC 50 Hz
AC Input Connector EU Wall Plug, or UK wall plug, or AU wall plug.
DC Output Current 800 milliamperes
DC Output Voltage 12 V +/- 5% at 800mA load
Cord Length 6 feet
Indicator Lights None
Operating Temperature -35 to +75C
Physical Size  3.07 (78.0) L x 1.91(48.5) W x 1.33 (33.8)D


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