Application notes

    Application Note Title Model
Overall Fiber System Checkout & Troubleshooting Techniques  Generic
Configuring a Fiber Optic Video Distribution System  VT-1001
Installing Fiber Optic Cable  Generic
Understanding Fiber Optic Receiver Overloading and its Cure  Generic
Hazards of using ST connectors with single-mode fiber.  Generic
    Configuring a Redundant Video Transmission System.  VT-1001,RSW-1001
Configuring Balanced vs. unbalanced audio  AT-1001
Interfacing to Analog IRIG systems  with high voltage signals  IRGT-1001
Protocol conversion using the INST-3001 and INSR-3001  INST-3001
Using INST-3001 and INSR-3001, with current loop interface.  INST-3001
Using INST-2001 and INSR-2001, with current loop interface.  INST-2001
When to use termination Resistors  INCX-4001
Interfacing the DT/DR-7301

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