App Notes

Do you support older Math Associates, Inc. equipment?
We will do our best to help you out.  Where parts are available and it makes economic sense (the cost of repair is lower then a modern replacement unit)  we should be able to repair the unit.  Keep in mind that the original Math Associates, Inc.  product line is over 18 years old, which is a lifetime in the fast paced world of electronics.   Components that have become obsolete are the most significant issue preventing repair.

Do you have products that will work with the older MCR-1000 card-cage?
Luxlink offers a housing that will allow our current designs to plug into the older MCR-1000 card-cage for those customers who wish to use available open positions. Just specify this option at time of order.  We also offer custom modifications and special systems, where it makes economic sense, and are glad to help with any questions pertaining to older products.  MCR-1000 rack adapter plate.

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