CT/CR-7008     Contact Closure (8 Channel)    CT/CR-7008 Photo
For Contact Closure or Status Monitoring Applications  

 Contact Closure Modem Application  

The Litelink CT/CR-7008 system consists of the CT-7008 transmitter and CR-7008 receiver. Both units utilize digital encoding techniques to transmit and receive eight separate contact closures over a single optical fiber conductor.

The CT-7008 may be activated by dry contacts or TTL signals and the CR-7008 will reproduce these inputs as isolated output contact closures corresponding to the respective input signal. All inputs are transient protected against excessive surges present on the signal and power leads. The unit is completely fail-safe in that a loss of operating power or a broken fiber will force all contacts to the open condition. Integral indicators are provided on both units to continuously indicate the link and contact closures status as well as proper operating power thereby making system troubleshooting simple.

Specifications Important Features
Number of Channels  Eight     Eight Independent Contacts
    on One Fiber
Transmitter Input  Dry contact Closure or TTL   Signal & Power & Link
Tx Input Impedance  3 K ohms maximum   Multimode & Single-mode
Receiver Output  Relay Contact Closure   Stand-alone, DIN or Rack
    Mountable (same unit)
Output Contact switching A  0.5 A @ 125 VAC (62.5VA)
 1.0 A @ 24 VDC
Output Contact carry current 2.0 Amps maximum  
Speed of Response  10 ms maximum  
Output Contact Resistance  100 milliohms maximum    
Operating Wavelength  850, 1310 or 1550nm    
Optical Loss Budget  0-10 dB (multimode),
 0-12 dB (single-mode)
Optical Connectors ST (multimode)
FCPS (single-mode)
Signal Connectors  Removable terminal block
MTBF (per MIL HBK 217D)  >120,000 hours
Humidity  <95% non condensing
Power Requirements CT  11-24 VAC/DC @110mA
Power Requirements CR  11-24 VAC/DC @210mA
Operating Temperature -35 to +75 degrees C
Physical Size (mm)   5.0"(127)H  x  
  1.0"(25.4)W  x 3.0"(76)L

*Note all specifications are subject to change without notice

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