DT/DR-7301     High Speed Data
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For Point-to-Point High Speed Data Applications  

 High Speed Digital Data Link Application    

The Luxlink DT/DR-7301 system consists of the DT-7301 transmitter and DR-7301 receiver. This system is designed to transmit and receive TTL, ECL, or PECL signals in a wide range of diverse applications. The unit can easily be user configured for single-end or differential mode operation. The DT/DR-7301 will operate continuously at all data rates from 1 Mb to 200 Mb/sec. An additional benefit of this system is that it can perform protocol conversion. 

Both multimode and single-mode versions are available and installation is totally adjustment free. In addition, integral indicators are provided to continuously indicate the presence of data signals as well as the presence of operating power making system troubleshooting simple. 
Specifications Important Features
Data Rate  1 Mb to 200 Mb/s (50Mb/s TTL)     1 Mb to 200 Mb/s Data Rate
Protocols Supported  TTL (50 ohm/Hi-Z), ECL,
  TTL, ECL, PECL Selectable
Duty Cycle*  50/50 to 80/20   Fully Adjustment Free
Operating Modes  Single-ended or differential   Signal & Power Indicators
Rise / Fall time (ECL)  0.5ns typical, 2.5ns max   Stand-alone, DIN or Rack
   Mountable (same unit)
Minimum  Pulse Width   5.0 ns (ECL)  
Jitter  3.0 ns maximum  
System delay  35 ns typical w/1 meter fiber  
Bit Error Rate 1 x 10-9 (worse case)
Operating Wavelength 1310 (-3,-7) or 1550nm (-9)
Optical Loss Budget  0-15 dB (multimode),
 0-18 dB (single-mode)
Optical Connectors ST (multimode)
FCPC (single-mode)
Signal Connectors  BNC
Operating Temperature -35 to +75 degrees C
Operating Humidity  < 95% non-condensing
MTBF (per MIL HBK 217) >120,000 hours
Power Requirements  11-24 VAC/DC @210mA
Physical Size  5.0" x 3.0" x 1.0"
127mm x 76mm x 25.4mm

*The DT/DR-7301 is AC coupled.
Note all specifications are subject to change without notice

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