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Can I use 50 / 125 micron fiber for multimode systems?
What are the losses in 50 / 125 micron fiber?

The technical data for all our fiber optic transmission systems designed for use with multi-mode fiber has been measured with 62.5/125 micron optical fiber. This includes -1 units which operate at a wavelength of 850nm and -3 units that operate at 1310nm. When used with this fiber all published specifications apply.

The same units can be used with 50/125 micron optical fiber however if the system designer understands that there will be a loss of light coupled into the fiber from the transmitter due to the smaller size of the fiber core. This loss amounts to approximately 3 to 4 dB depending on the specific nature of the 50/125 micron fiber to be used.  For example, if a system has a published optical loss budget of 10 dB with 62.5/125 micron fiber its loss budget with 50/125 micron fiber will drop to 7 dB. All other system parameters will remain the same.

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