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Designing your Fiber Optic Transmission System

Designing your fiber optic transmission system with LuxLink components and accessories is simple and straightforward. Since all components and accessories are fully compatible, any of the company?s products may be used "side-by-side" with other products thereby allowing the exact signal flow configuration desired to be easily achieved.

 Typical Transmission System

The procedure to use to choose the correct system for your application is as follows:

  • Select the transmission system for the signal or signals you wish to transmit.
  • Determine the fiber optic cable and optical connectors you need or have. This will usually be multimode (62.5/125 micron, ST connectors) or single-mode (8/10/125 micron, FCPC connectors) depending on the transmission distance to be covered.
  • Determine the - number suffix of your system in accordance with the following:
-no Wavelength Fiber Type Connector Transmission Distance*
-1 850nm multimode ST up to   2 miles ( 3Km)
-3 1310nm multimode ST up to   6 miles (10Km)
-7 1310nm single-mode FCPC up to 20 miles (30Km)
   -8** 1310nm single-mode ST up to 20 miles (30Km)
-9 1550nm single-mode FCPC up to 40 miles (60Km)

    * The transmission distances listed are only approximate and will depend on the loss of the actual fiber employed.
    ** Although ST connectors are not recommended for single-mode applications, they can be provided if desired.
    Adapters can also be provided for various non-standard connectors.  Please contact factor for details.

  • Determine if you will power the system locally or if you need to order power supplies. Most LuxLink units operate from 10 to 24 V AC (50/60Hz) or DC and require less than 500 ma.
  • All units may be mounted individually by using the mounting holes provided on the housing (see diagram below). If rack mounting is desired, the same housing can be mounted to any of the EIA compatible 19-inch LuxLink RMP series mounting panels.
  • Remember that LuxLink products and accessories are not warranted, authorized or recommended for use in critical life support systems or applications of any kind.

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