Power Supply   PS-1205 US

 PS-1205 Power Supply       

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The Liteway PS-1205 is a stand-alone wall type plug-in power supply that may be used to power one fiber optic transmission units.
Cost $15 US qty 1-10


AC Input US 100-240 50/60Hz 0.2A
AC Input Connector US Wall Plug
DC Output Current 500 milliamperes
DC Output Voltage 12 V +/- 5% at 500mA load
Cord Length 6 feet
Indicator Lights None
Storage Temperature -25 to +85C
Operating Temperature 0  to  +40C
Relative Humidity 5%-90%
Physical Size  3.07 (78.0) L x 1.91(48.5) W x 1.33 (33.8)D



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