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LuxLink Manuals

Below are the latest user manuals in PDF format.  If you need manual for earlier version, please contact us.  Get Adobe PDF reader Click to get the Adobe Acrobat Reader

  Model Description
CT/CR-7001 Contact Closure Tx / Rx (1 channel)
CT/CR-8001 Contact Closure Tx / Rx (1 channel)
CT/CR-7008 Contact Closure Tx / Rx (8 channels)
CT/CR-7108 Supervised Contact Closure Tx / Rx (8 ch)
CT/CR-7016 Contact Closure Tx / Rx (16 channels)
DX-7001 Universal Data Transceiver
DX-7001_add Universal Data Transceiver Addendum
DX-7101 DB-25 Data Transceiver
DT/R-7201 Digital Data Tx/Rx, DC-20Mbs
DT/R-7301 Digital High Speed Tx/Rx, DC-200Mbs
DT/R-7701 MIL-1553 Monitor
DX-7501 Digital Current Loop
DX-7601 Can Transceiver
INSM-2104 Analog Distribution Amplifier 10 MHz Precision Sine wave
INSM-2304 Analog Distribution Amplifier DC-100 MHz
INST/R-1001 Instrument Tx / Rx, 10 MHz, Analog
INST/R-1301 Instrument Tx / Rx, 30 MHz, Analog
INST/R-1701 Instrument Tx / Rx, 1.7GHz, Analog
INST/R-2001 Universal Analog Tx / Rx, DC-100Hz
INST/R-3001 Universal Analog Tx / Rx, DC-50KHz
OE-1001 O/E Converter
Optical Switches
OS-3111 /3211 Optical 1x1 Switch
OS-3121 Optical 2x1 Switch
OS-3122 /3222 Optical 2x2 Bypass Switch
OS-4111 Optical 1x1 Tamer Detect Switch
OS-4121 Optical 2x1 Redundant Switch
OS-7121 Optical Bidirectional 2x1 Redundant Switch
IRGT/R-1001 Analog IRIG Tx / Rx
IRGP-1001 Analog IRIG Repeater
IRGM-1004 Analog IRIG 4 Ch Optical Distribution
IRGM-2004 Analog IRIG 4 Ch Electrical Distribution
IRGT/R-1501 Analog IRIG (low impedance) Tx / Rx
IRGT/R-7001 DC Time Code (IRIG DCLS) Tx / Rx
IRGP-7001 DC Time Code (IRIG DCLS) Repeater
IRGM-7004 DC Time Code  (IRIG DCLS) Distribution
IRGC-1004 IRIG Format 1pps converter
IRGC-3003 IRIG Modulated  - DCLS Format converter
ALM-1000 Alarm Module
OC-1002 Optical Coupler
PS-1205 US Power Supply 0.5 Amp
PS-1208 EU Power Supply 0.8 Amp
PS-1210 Power Supply 1.0 Amp
PS-1260 Power Supply 6.0 Amp
RMP-1000, 2000,3000 Rack Mounting Panels
RSW-1002 Redundant Switch 100 MHz
RSW-3002 Redundant Switch 800 MHz

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